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Summer FUN Ideas

Summertime is HERE and it’s looking a little bit different than last Summer in terms of fewer lockdowns and more attractions open to the public. If you have Summer travel safe and stay healthy!

Here's 9 Summer fun ideas that can be done at home together!

1. Build a fort in your backyard out of toys and supplies you already have. For older kids, make it a challenge for them to get creative out of the supplies they use to build it. For younger kids, create a list of supplies and have them help you gather what you need to build the fort.

2. Have a water balloon toss contest. To begin, have two players stand close to each other and toss the balloon back and forth. Each time someone catches the balloon, each person takes a step back away from the other person. See how far you can get from the other person without dropping the balloons and getting soaked!

3. Have a splash contest in your pool. Whoever can make the biggest splash wins! You can also do a belly flop contest – but fair warning, belly flops may hurt.

4. Host a family talent show in your backyard.

5. Host a block party in your neighborhood with food trucks & vendors!

6. Play a game of family kickball in your yard. Grab a ball and set up the bases. Divide up into two teams to play a friendly game with each other.

7. Have a movie and popcorn night under the stars.

8. Set up a build your own ice cream sundae bar! Gather all the sprinkles, toppings and your favorite ice cream flavors. Put it all out on the counter and let everyone make their own ice cream sundae.

9. Go camping – indoors! Set up a tent and sleeping bags and go camping with the family! Don’t forget the marshmallow smores! Best part of indoor camping – no bugs!

Have fun with these activities with your family! I’d love to know what your family favorites are – so send me a quick message when the verdict is in!

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