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If you're like most people, real estate makes you curious. How's the market? What are the new trends in home makeovers? I'm ready to buy...what's next?

Check out our videos below or visit our YouTube channel to find the answers. could just call and we'd be happy to answer all your questions!

The Art of Pricing Your Home

Should You Read Buyer "Love Letters" When Selling?

Real Estate Trends
of 2024

The Psychology of Buying a Home

Investing in Multifamily Properties

Do Sellers Have to do Buyer Requested Repairs?

Navigating the Escrow Process

How Do We Determine The Best Price to List Your Home?

What Are The Terms Of An Offer?

Unpacking the Long-Term Benefits of Home Ownership

What Are Closing Costs & How Much Are They?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Realtor When Selling

What are the Requirements of a 1031 Exchange?

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?

Understanding Property Taxes

I'm Selling But Where Do I Go Next?

Life of an Escrow Overview

Understanding a Buyer & Seller Market

What is Proposition 19 and What Changes Did It Make?

Updates to Make When Selling

Property Liens That Can Stop a Sale

Is it Safe to Remove Contingencies with an Offer?

Do You Know Your Fire Risk?

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