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2022 Color Trends

Did you know that each year paint and pigment companies work hard to predict the hottest trends in colors. They choose the “Color of the Year” and home designers love to infuse new tones and hues into their new designs.

For 2022, Shades of Green will be all the rage. While there is no consensus about the specific shade of green and the colors range from soft neutral mists to deep evergreen, suddenly style magazines are boasting green in everything from furniture to fixtures.

Home designers have wasted no time incorporating these new colors in their styles. Accent chairs in bright bold Seafoam will instantly add a modern touch to your living spaces. Backsplashes in olives and cypress create a new ambiance for the kitchen. A soothing color, green can also create a relaxing environment in a bedroom or bathroom. Make easy changes like new linens or towels for a quick uplift.

Paint is also a great way to instantly brighten a room. Take advantage of the new green colors like guacamole or olive sprig to transform a neutral-toned room to an interesting, modern space. Doors, kitchen accents, walls, and furniture are great weekend projects to add green to your home.

The shade of the year is Green! Soft, bright, blue-tones, yellow-toned, and everything in between. If you’re ready to make a change, add a pop of color in any room and embrace the Shade of the Year.

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