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Benefits of Switching from Gas to Induction

For decades, gas stoves have been the preferred choice for both professional and amateur chefs alike, and it’s easy to understand why. Gas stoves allow for quick control of the heat which allows for quick adjustments when cooking. Recently, a wave of suggested bans on gas stoves has dominated national news claiming that gas is unhealthy. Regardless of whether induction stovetops are healthier or not, there are great reasons to make the switch.

What is an Induction Range? In simple terms, an induction electric range is powered by an electromagnetic field. This allows the range to have the same degree of temperature as a gas powered stove with a similar level of control.

Making the Switch The first thing to realize is that you’ll pay more for an induction stove than a gas range. The increase in cost may be as much as double the price and the installation will require special wiring and circuitry. But this increase in upfront costs will start to pay off very quickly. First, homeowners can take advantage of a federal rebate of up to $480 and an additional $500 to help with the cost of installation. In addition, these new induction ranges will save energy costs over gas.

There is evidence to suggest that there are significant health advantages as well. This is the reason for the proposed ban in the first place. Gas stoves emit carbon dioxide which can be hazardous without the proper ventilation or for family members with medical issues. Even without the ban, it’s time to look at some of the great induction ranges on the market and consider making the switch.

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