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Considering Solar Panels?

With soaring energy costs, many homeowners are turning to solar for both their homes and their cars to save money. With solar companies touting huge monthly savings for electricity costs, how can you know what makes sense for your needs? Here are the basics of solar panels to help you start the process.

How do solar panels work? Solar panels are positioned on your roof and absorb energy when the sun shines on them directly. The amount of energy generated will be affected by the amount of square footage of the panels. Therefore, your roof must have enough area with extended direct sunlight each day to be effective.

How to find a solar panel company? There are a lot of solar panel companies advertising their service right now. Some companies specialize in panels as well as roofing companies adding solar as an option and big-box home improvement stores. It’s important to consider both price and expertise when choosing a contractor to install the panels. You should read reviews and get referrals before making a final decision.

How long will the panels last? Solar panels are typically guaranteed to last 20-30 years. The amount of energy generated will decrease over time and you should choose a warranty that guarantees the amount of energy over the life of the panels.

Summary Solar panels can offer significant energy savings and lessen your reliance on shifting prices. A solar system is also a large expense, so before purchasing or leasing a system, do your due diligence and learn your options.

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