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Six Features of a Kitchen Remodel That Are a Waste of Money

Kitchen remodels are always popular. The pandemic has increased home

improvement projects even more as people embrace the idea of staying

home more. While it’s easy to find inspiration for these kitchen remodels,

there are great ways to save money and still create a beautiful, welcoming


6 Kitchen Remodel Features That Are a Waste of Money

1. Expensive Backsplashes – Backsplashes can make a huge visual

impact, but more expensive isn’t necessarily better. There are many

cost-effective materials that mimic more expensive quartz, marble, and


2. Designer Appliances – Designer labels look great on shoes and

purses but look for style and function for new appliances and forget the

designer brands that can cost twice as much for the same look.

3. Trendy Hardware – Hardware is one of the least expensive ways to

update a kitchen, but there is still a cost. Balance personal style with price

and avoid fad fixtures that will need to be replaced soon.

4. High-Tech Gadgets – Tech is fun, but will you really use your

refrigerator to build a shopping list or turn on your oven from the beach?

Most likely, tech gadgets in the kitchen will go to waste.

5. Moving Electrical/Plumbing – When possible, work within the

current layout of electrical and plumbing access. Relocating these sources

is expensive and difficult.

6. Open Shelving – Displaying beautiful plates and glassware may be

appealing but consider the upkeep to maintain this look. You may end up

adding closed cabinets anyway for more money after the remodel.

A kitchen remodel is exciting but expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, there are ways to lower the cost and still have the fresh, beautiful kitchen you’ll want to spend time in.

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